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Where Women Attract And Sell To Their Dream Clients

Attract Your Dream Clients and Improve Your Sales Skills In Just 6 Weeks... No Scripts, No Fluff, No Sales Experience Required! 

The First All Women's Sales Course Of It's Kind!

Are you a female business owner who is struggling to get clients? 

Hey Diva!


Are you amazing at sales??? 


Or maybe you have been on some calls that you just know are going to close…


and then, out of seemingly nowhere BAM! 


You get hit with the objection...


“I have to think about it” 


“You’re great, I just don’t think I’m ready yet”


You worked so hard… Studied and practiced all the scripts… led them to the punchline… 


UGH! What. A. Waste. Of. Time! 


Or how about the ones with a customer who had a million red flags but said “YES” anyway and now you’re stuck with them? 


You know which ones I’m talking about… they’re the ones who have a million complaints about their last providor. 


Or the micro-managers who want to take over the project they hired YOU to do… the nightmare clients!! 


But you sent out a million cold emails and made hundreds of cold calls… plus you need the cash.


So you take their “Yes” as a win … but is it really? 


We’ve all been there… many times. 


We all know that feeling of self doubt and wondering 


“Is this the right career path for me??? I can’t even sell my services and the times I do actually get a sale it’s a freaking clown show!” 


You know you need to do better, you know you need to do more, but you have no clue where to begin and even the prospect of adding any more work to your plate makes you just want to take a nap or hide in the pantry and scarf down those muffins you got for the kid’s breakfast tomorrow. 

There’s always so much pressure. You’re supposed to be Superwoman. The doer of all the things!! But instead you just feel like a constant failure who is definitely going to fail.

But What If I Told You It Doesn't Actually Have To Be That Way??

What if you could ATTRACT your clients instead of chasing them? Actually REDUCING the amount of work you need to put in. 


What if you didn’t actually need a script to close a sale? Making it easier to prepare for and show up to sales without all that nervous energy. 


What if you could pick and choose who you work with because there’s a way to have an abundance of opportunities? 


What if you felt like you were in complete alignment with your business and family life and things ran smoothly? 


What if you didn’t feel guilty for the amount of time you spent on work vs. with your family because you were spending less time prospecting and more time on things you WANTED to do? 


What if you could laugh in the faces of everyone who told you you were making the wrong and selfish choice quitting your day job to work on your dream. 


What if you could actually turn entrepreneurship into the dream it was supposed to be???


What if I could show you how to Sell Like A Woman? 


You see, Women have this amazing power of getting exactly what they want. 


Of having everything they need. 


Of making everything come together out of seemingly thin air


And the ones who are successful have already figured it out


That’s where Diva Sales Mastery comes in.


I’m talking about making the leads COME TO YOU


No more cold emails or cold calling


No more spamming on Facebook Messenger


No sleazy sales scripts that make you feel like you’re pretending to be someone else


We’re teaching the real law of attraction 


It feels like this: 


  1. Loving every aspect of your highly personalized brand!
  2. Marketing to your exact perfect fit client who adores you!
  3. Creating content that makes you proud to push send!
  4. Attracting the clients that truly appreciate your amazing work!
  5. Breathing in more and more confidence with each dollar hitting your bank account!


Your Personal Brand makes a statement about who you are.


As a business owner, as a WOMAN...As women we’re always taught how we *should* be…Well I’m here to show you how to be yourself!


Your Target Market will be who your audience is. 


You’re not selling to everyone anymore…You’re picking and choosing who your dream clients are and saying no to everything else that no longer serves you. 


Content is the driving force behind bringing in your Dream Clients. 


Speaking to your audience… Letting them get to know you… Getting to know THEM. This will set you apart from everyone else. 


Using the Law of Attraction we’ll put you in a position of AUTHORITY. 


You’ll show everyone you’re an expert in your field and this is why they should work with you. You are amazing at what you do! And that’s why people hire you!




Breaking down those limiting beliefs will free you from all of the doubt and insecurity that every woman has! When you have the support system of other amazing women you’re able to grow and become more confident in yourself in every area of your life… sales included!


You can attract and sell to your dream clients with ease
I'll show you how


I Had To Make A Change

In 2007, I took my freelance web design hobby and turned it into a multiple six figure web design and digital marketing agency with a staff of 10.


As the only sales person for my company, I spent 10’s of thousands of dollars on sales courses.. And guess what.. They were all taught by MEN.. 


I often felt alone, inadequate and like I was never going to measure up.  


“How could I possibly sell with the authority these successful and commanding men did??”


What I I didn’t know at the time is all of those same techniques that worked so well for these men were never going to work for me. So I did something about it. 


I began to Sell Like A Woman! And that changed my life! 


I began ATTRACTING my clients instead of CHASING them


I created systems and put them in place


I started showing up AUTHENTICALLY as my true self


And guess what?? Sales started closing with ease!!


I finally felt liberated! I felt validated!! 


This path that I had chosen wasn’t a complete waste of my time. 


I’m not a terrible salesperson!! I’m not a terrible business owner!! 


I’m great at what I do and people WANT to work with me!!!


Finally coming to this realization made me see that I had to share these systems and methods and start helping other women see their true potential.


Sharing My Passion

Diva Sales Mastery teaches you how to dial in your systems and ATTRACT your dream clients so you can sell your services with confidence and ease!!

Start attracting and selling to your dream clients with our proven system

When You Join This Program You Get Full Access To

Module 1:
Mastering Your Mindset

Take control of your thoughts and honor how you feel in the moment. Overcome those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your true potential and grow into the amazing woman I know you are.

Module #2
​Finding Your Audience

Using my target audience blueprint we’ll discover who your dream client is. We’ll find out what they value, what their limiting beliefs are and how you can help them overcome them.

Module #3
Attracting Your Dream Clients

Once we’ve discovered who your Dream Client is, I'm going to show you how to craft your message and create content that puts you in a position of authority. We’ll put systems in place to save you time and money so your clients come directly to you without the need for cold outreach.

Module #4
Selling With Confidence

When you’re selling to people who already know, like and trust you closing the sale is easier than ever. Adding in some proven techniques and mindset exercises to project the energy of who you truly are will create that lifestyle of abundance you already dreamed of.

Module #5
Business Growth Hacks

Radical growth can be overwhelming! That’s why I’ve put together systems and processes to get rid of those growing pains. I’ll walk you through how I manage to get through each day while my list of sales calls and project case load continue to grow.

I have been applying the steps of Deb’s instruction for growing my business for 7 weeks now. Over the last four weeks we witnessed a true 36% increase [in business]

5 amazing bonuses included

Bonus #1: Members Only Facebook Group
Value - $1000

Get access to our paid members only Facebook community. I'll be there every day to answer your questions and help you out along with other members in the program. Celebrate your wins and connect with other bad ass Divas just like you!

Bonus #2: Workshop Builder
Value - $2000

I want you to win and get sales right away. So, I will personally help you by giving you an overview of your script and practicing your pitch for your first live workshop.

Bonus #3: 6 Small Group Coaching Calls
Value - $6000

Once a week I’ll be hosting small group coaching calls for VIP DIVAS only. Each session will include new mindset training, group support and accountability, and new skills training that will help you to continue to grow.

Bonus #4: VIP 1v1 Coaching Call
Value - $250

Knowing who your Dream Client is is paramount to your success. So I’ve developed a Market Research Blueprint just for you. We’ll go through the blueprint together 1v1 and determine exactly who your target is and what your message will be to hook them in.

This is not just another sales course!
This is a full system of client attraction secrets, self improvement and sales mastery. You’ll have full access to a community of other amazing women, content strategies that win, business growth hacks, and sales techniques that close high ticket sales.

After quitting my retail job in 2007 to build websites freelance, I quickly realized that I had no idea what I was doing. I had never done sales before and had no idea how to run a business. 


I shelled out 10’s of thousands of dollars over the years learning sales from “the best”. But let me tell you, they weren’t the best for me! 


The scripts were always pushy and the energy was all wrong. I struggled for a long time! 


That’s when I started to develop my own system. One that worked for ME. 


One where I didn’t have to have a script. One where I was able to just show up as myself. 


One where I didn’t have to chase down clients or pay for leads. 


One where I could just show up and work with my dream clients. 


Now I have a staff of 10 and I get to teach my methods to other women who find themselves in the same situation and I’m HAPPY! 


In this program, I’m going to show you how to overcome the struggles of sales and running a business as a woman and how you too can be in alignment with your goals and be happy too.

Unlock $14,250 Worth Of Value Right Now

Here's What You Get When You Join Diva Sales Mastery

  • 5 Modules With 20+ Training

  • Bonus #1: Members Only Facebook Group

  • Bonus #2: Workshop Builder

  • Bonus #3: Small Group Coaching Calls

  • Bonus #4: VIP 1v1 Coaching Call

Total Value $14,250.00
Normally $1,997.00
Special New Year Resolution Price: $1,497.00


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This program IS for you if

  • You're a woman who owns a business

  • You are struggling with attracting customers and/or sales

  • You're an action taker and are ready to put in the work it takes to succeed

  • You are ready and willing to work on YOURSELF

This program is NOT For You

  • You're negative and just looking for an ego fluffer

  • You're lazy and unmotivated to do the work

  • You're full of excuses

  • You're not in the right mindset to experience true, radical growth

  • You're not ready to take action now

    “I was overwhelmed and struggling with getting people interested in my services. But with Deb’s guidance and content strategy I am now completely booked for the next 4 weeks…”

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What if I’ve never done sales before?

    Do I need to be good at social media to do this?

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    Is there a refund policy?

    What if I’m not “technically” a business owner but am still responsible for all my own business? Ie: Real Estate Agent or Finance

    How long is this program?

    How much of my time will it take to do the work this program teaches?

    Total Value $14,250.00
    Normally $1,997.00
    Special New Year Resolution Price: $1,497.00




    That's a $500 savings when you use coupon code
    NEWYEARNEWME at checkout


    We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe.

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